Community Engagement With WordPress

Providing mental health resources for teenagers and those that care for them. Letting them help each other with gifs, advice, and a constantly updated list of resources.

Client Aye Mind

The Project

To develop a content management system (CMS) and website user interface for the Aye Mind project that was engaging for the people using the site to find and submit resources, as well as for the admins and moderators managing the project.


We began by helping Snook and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde refine their ideas down to a set of functionality that could be achieved within their budget. From there, we helped Snook refine the desktop design into a mobile-optimised website backed by a WordPress CMS that allowed for building pages of content and toolkits. Finally, we produced a small web app that allows people to submit suggested resources for Aye Mind to the team and then to surface those resources on the service map.

Aye Mind is a mental health initiative for teenagers and young children focused on using social media, the internet, and mobile technologies to improve mental health and the awareness of mental health issues, rather than it being a significant negative factor. AyeMind seeks to inform its audience about the attitude of teenagers to social media by showcasing insights developed from their research, and to provide further resources to providers of care for those suffering mental health issues regardless of classification, be they friends, family, teachers, youth workers, or doctors. AyeMind is a collaboration between Snook and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.

Too Much Content

AyeMind is a follow-on from a previous collaboration between the partners, entitled Project 99. Project 99 was a series of reports based on research on how young people used social media, the internet, and mobile technologies. These reports needed to be actioned and a platform built. First, the information was distributed and put into the hands of those who found it most useful.

WordPress for Engagement

Powered By Coffee worked with Snook’s visual design and content teams to craft a WordPress-based content management system with pages, blogs, and articles pulled from the reports and fashioned into a cohesive set of content.

WordPress Content Management

We didn’t just throw together a standard set of posts and pages for Snook to manage; we generated a granular series of content types and interfaces to knit them together. This lets Snook and the Aye Mind team generate the pages they need quickly and building out rich content experiences as they need to, without having to duplicate effort due to having content in multiple places all at once.

Submitting and Moderating Resources

As part of the original Project 99 report, Snook created a map of all the services available in Scotland – Sho they were for, what they did, and where they were located. But, this map quickly became outdated as services closed and others opened. The map could be kept up to date, but it would require a Herculean effort for someone to check all the details and find new opportunities. Instead, we’ve opened the map up to the public so that anyone can add a service. This will be moderated by AyeMind and added to the service map.

The Service Map

Speaking of the service map, we digitised it and made it searchable, but not just by keywords and dumb luck, but through progressively filtering down the options of how you want to help.

Responsive Design

The information the site presents to its visitors and users is important; it could be the difference between life and death for someone. Ultimately, the information has to be accessible to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. As the site deals with mobile technologies – we couldn’t not have an excellent mobile version. Aye Mind was built mobile first and grew in content and complexity from the small screen experience, up to a full desktop display. Content is accessible for all screen sizes and as many people as possible can enjoy an experience optimised for their screen.


WordPress Development