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Prospect Magazine gives a voice to the sharpest minds, offering ideas and insights behind the stories.

Screen shot from redesigned prospect magazine publishing website

Their journalists present open, contrasting and impactful stories that challenge the status quo of politics, economics and events around the world. Their tour de force journalism needed a website to match.

20 years of content, migrated

Archiving their content since they first began publishing 20 years prior, we migrated their content whilst removing old, legacy markup and functionality.

screenshot of Collection of redesigned templates for prospect magazine publishing

Paywalls and user management

Like many media companies, Prospect paywall content on their site. We built a bespoke paywall which prompts readers to aid conversion, whilst automatically resetting after 30 days so that readers are encouraged to return.

Screenshot of prospect magazine paywall blocker to encourage signups
Screenshot of new prospect magazine design

A modern look

We delivered a responsive, contemporary website that streamlined their processes, included the functionality to easily adapt templates, simplified ad tags and increased their paywall flexibility.

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