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 InvestmentNews is a prominent and trusted publisher in the US financial industry. Acquired by the Bonhill Group, InvestmentNews needed to migrate their website and its systems onto their new owner’s infrastructure. Faced with complex challenges, outdated systems, and failed attempts to resolve them with their current agency, InvestmentNews needed a new developer to take over this migration project. InvestmentNews approached us because of our experience in building successful paywalls, solving complicated integration issues, and developing high-performing WordPress websites in the publishing sector. 

The challenge

InvestmentNews were facing a number of challenges with their legacy systems because they had very limited knowledge of their origins. Following their acquisition by the Bonhill Group, they needed to migrate and update their website to align with their new owner’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, the lack of understanding of their site’s history made the process challenging.

The team had been working with an agency trying to resolve these issues, but progress was slow. Still with no clear solution, InvestmentNews needed results and decided to change development suppliers. This is when they got in touch with us. 

After spending time reviewing the current systems, it quickly became clear that the legacy CMS and CRM were incompatible with Bonhill Group’s infrastructure. It was a crucial time for the InvestmentNews team as they were attempting to execute an ambitious strategy and needed a website to mirror this growth. 

Previously focusing on individual subscriptions, they wanted to expand their offering to group memberships and attract corporate clients. Alongside this, InvestmentNews wanted to implement a subscription system that could cater for their various access and functionality requirements. They needed a solution that could handle high volumes of traffic, while configuring their current and new monetising systems into their new owner’s infrastructure.

Our solution

Due to the complex nature of this project, we divided it into manageable segments. This  allowed us to focus on specific development areas at one time, facilitating a smoother integration.

Migrating 100,000 pieces of content to WordPress

We conducted a full migration of InvestmentNews’s legacy CMS, which included all of its content and functionalities, to WordPress, used by Bonhill Group. This encompassed over 100,000 pieces of content and media, as well as 70,000 legacy users. 

A seamless transition and improved CMS allowed the InvestmentNews team to instantly access all their content, eliminating delays in delivering high-quality content to their users.

Modular and responsive by design

Recognising the significance of design and editorial control in attracting InvestmentNews’s new corporate clients, we developed a custom WordPress theme using Gutenberg blocks. The Gutenberg editor is an intuitive, user-friendly page editor that enables easy content creation, editing and drag-and-drop functionality – all without coding experience. This allowed the team to quickly improve the look and feel of the website, as well as the overall user experience across various devices.

Bespoke integrations for the future

With the new CMS and a successful transition to Bonhill Group’s infrastructure, our focus shifted to integrating and updating their systems. Prioritising a new membership solution, we developed a tailored system for InvestmentNews’s corporate clients. The system offered different levels of access and functionalities for individual and group memberships. 

In an effort to improve InvestmentNews’s interactions with their customers, we also developed a new CRM with Microsoft Dynamics, enhancing their ability to function as a modern publisher. 

Lastly, we integrated FusionAuth, a platform that safeguards and manages user identity authentication and protection.

Paywall solutions driving revenue

To improve InvestmentNews’s paywall, we designed and implemented a custom Leaky Paywall. This solution combined content meta data from WordPress, user access and authentication from FusionAuth, membership levels from WooCommerce and a Laravel based metering API to provide a flexible and effective driver of newsletter signups, new subscriptions, and membership upgrades. The solution was hosted across a variety of platforms suitable for each component, with Pagely and AWS as the primary providers for WordPress and WooCommerce. This approach allowed the hosts to efficiently serve cached pages across their network. The meter and paywall were built headlessly using APIs to verify user access, while maintaining the site performance for users and effectiveness in Google.

The new paywall successfully handled InvestmentNews’s gated content and promoted subscriptions through a “free sign-up to view” model. It automatically reset every 30 days, encouraging readers to return to the site.

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