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investment news

Platform Migration | Enterprise Content Management | WordPress Themes

Investment News are the leading US publishers for everyone in the financial industry, from Financial Advisors to Chartered Accountants.

After being acquired, Investment New’s site needed migrating onto their new owner, Bonhill PLC’s, infrastructure. This included migrating their site from a legacy CMS to WordPress, and to Microsoft Dynamics, WooCommerce, and identity provider Fusion Auth.

Custom paywall & meter

Using Laravel and React, we developed a paywall and meter that effectively managed their gated content and encouraged more subscriptions with a free sign-up to view model.

Screen Shot of a Paywall Blocker

Imports & Migrations

The migration included over 100,000 custom content and media imported from XML files and static resources, plus 70,000 legacy users and imported them to WooCommerce and identity provider FusionAuth.

The custom WordPress theme and Gutenberg blocks updated Investment New’s look and feel, improved their overall user experience, and simplified the editorial’s team publishing process.

WordPress & Woocommerce, Integrated

Investment News now runs with two separate, but integrated, WooCommerce and WordPress sites. This allowed the team to separate concerns, improve reliability, and enable better performance.


To better manage the site’s mass of content, containership was developed for the site to isolate legacy PHP applications.

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