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Church of England subsidiary The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge are bringing resources and guides for head teachers into a modern world.

Accessible content

With the increased demand for online assemblies and community sessions, head teachers and home group leaders are turning to SPCK. They needed a new site to manage the increased traffic and to start monetising their audience.

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Paywall content strategy

SPCK were already offering free content for site users, so we developed a paywall meter that would allow users to view 2 free resources or guides before being blocked by a paywall. To combat bypassers, we ensured the paywall was secure to ensure all users could be monetised.

A modern look

We delivered a responsive, contemporary website that streamlined their processes, included the functionality to easily adapt templates, simplified ad tags and increased their paywall flexibility.

screen shot of content search at home groups

Intuitive data collection

We designed the site to collect and analyse data to give SPCK insights into which books were popular based on session data. We achieved this by developing intelligent interconnect content and relationship solutions.

SPCK wanted to drive sales of their books and content through their search function. Rather than searching for specific titles, they recognised their customers are looking for associated key words. We built them an intelligent search tool which analyses tags, demographics, and group statistics. All without sacrificing speed performance.

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