Why Publishers Should Abandon AMP in 2023

As the world moves forward with new technologies and digital advancements, it is important for publishers to stay up-to-date and provide a great user experience. One such technology that has been around for a few years now is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages. But since its… Read More

Why should you care about identity management, anyway?

It’s admittedly a tricky area to prioritise as a business grows, and its perceived relevance to daily operations really varies: however, getting it right at the right time has a myriad of benefits in the long term, not least of which is the reassurance that personal data is being managed securely and appropriately. Read More

How artificial intelligence can improve your WordPress site

It’s getting adopted at a rapid pace; self-driving cars, pedestrian crossings that fine jaywalkers almost immediately after their misdemeanour, and amazon packages delivered by drone. Artificial intelligence is intercepting our everyday lives. These are examples of AI that help streamline the operations of huge organisations and government… Read More

Why publishers need a paywall now more than ever

As we plummet into the third lockdown in less than 12 months, readers continue to turn to digital media publications. With printed media’s immediate future looking unsustainably bleak, and ads failing to yield previous levels of income thanks to privacy and data concerns, it’s time to look… Read More

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