WordPress & FusionAuth: How to and why your business needs it

We recently had a virtual chat over coffee with our friends at FusionAuth to talk about their innovative secure access management tool and how it integrates with WordPress.

What is FusionAuth?

FusionAuth is a secure access management system. It helps businesses manage users, authentication and authorisation. It boasts a whole host of benefits, including centralised roles, single sign-on and user management.

It’s a great all-rounder for anyone who manages a subscription service or membership site and can be deployed across any system, including WordPress.

How does it work?

FusionAuth works a bit like PayPal. It can be integrated across your whole portfolio of sites. It allows users a single-sign on for all their memberships, but also gives you user management control.

FusionAuth for WordPress-based business websites

This handy tool is the perfect integration for any business that uses subscription or member-based models where users will need to log in.

Media companies and digital publishers are an example. Publishers who boast a portfolio of publications could save themselves money whilst improving security across their portfolio.

After all, ads are becoming less lucrative. Nowadays, membership is everything, but, so is security. Hence FusionAuth.

How to integrate FusionAuth with WordPress

If you’re a FusionAuth customer, or a developer trying to integrate it, we’re here to help.

Below you can check out our very own Founder, Stewart Ritchie, who shares how to integrate FusionAuth with WordPress:

We’re official FusionAuth Partners

If you’re new to FusionAuth of your interested in integrating it within your current WordPress site, we’re here to help.

As official partners working in the WordPress space, we can help you with integrating and maintaining FusionAuth within your site.

Want to talk it over a cup of coffee? Drop us a message.

Coral Wood

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