WordPress & FusionAuth: How to and why your business needs it

We recently had a virtual chat over coffee with our friends at FusionAuth to talk about their innovative secure access management tool and how it integrates with WordPress. What is FusionAuth? FusionAuth is a secure access management system. It helps businesses manage users, authentication and… Read More

WordPress 5.6: What businesses need to know

In what has been a rather surreal year for everyone across the globe. It’s safe to say our attention has been pre-occupied. However, whilst we were all setting up our home-based makeshift offices, WordPress has been quietly carrying on uninterrupted. Following the highly anticipated, yet disruptive, PHP… Read More

Dependency Management in WordPress Using Composer

What is dependency management? Most software and web development projects are broken into components that rely on each other for the finished product to work properly, this may include 3rd party libraries and code. In WordPress, this is likely to be plugins or themes you are using for the… Read More

Unit Testing with WordPress

Unit Testing is a fantastic tool in the modern day web developer’s arsenal. The ability to run a defined group of tests every time to make a change to your code base will save you hours squashing bugs and wondering where they came from. Unit testing has been… Read More

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