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Choose WordPress over AEM for important projects

From media agencies to publishing brands, each company needs a content management system (CMS) which helps to optimise its strategic growth goals. An appropriate CMS enables important projects, which are central to the businesses’ growth to be carried out in a streamlined and effective fashion. 

These projects vary in complexity – they could be as simple as a landing page to grow your subscriber base or as complex as a multi-site, multi-media and even multi-territory project.

For brands using MVP projects like these to scale growth, it’s worth considering WordPress as your go-to CMS over Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). 

This article aims to convince why this is the case, so read on to discover how WordPress can bring your projects to life.

Understanding the differences between WordPress and AEM

When your company wants to drive the growth of the business with a new project, a crucial step is choosing the right CMS platform to handle the requirements of the task. To enable this, it’s worth exploring the differences between platforms. 

In this article, we’re advocating for the use of WordPress over AEM for your impactful projects. 

Here are the main differences between WordPress and AEM:

WordPress AEM
Open-source WordPress is an open-source platform Mostly proprietary technology with developing open-source capabilities
Ease of use User-generated guides make WordPress easy to use Lack of official Adobe user guides can result in a steep learning curve
Updates WordPress is regularly updated at no cost to the user AEM updates can be slow-moving and may need to be paid for

These headline differences between the two CMS programmes do not make them mutually exclusive. Indeed, an enterprise-level media brand which chooses to use AEM to manage their content distribution across a network of websites might also choose to develop special or standalone projects on WordPress as well.

The following section introduces the main reasons for choosing WordPress to power project work.

Why choose WordPress over AEM? 

Why are we so adamant on choosing WordPress over AEM for big projects? There are plenty of reasons, and we’ve presented some of the most compelling for your brand below.

Reasons to choose WordPress

  • Open-source platform – few design or functionality restrictions
  • Massive community of users
  • Supportive community of developers and editors
  • Easy-to-use for editors and content creators
  • Free out of the box

Reasons not to choose AEM

  • Open-source functionality is limited
  • Paid for application
  • Steep learning curve for new users

Exploring the benefits of WordPress for MVP projects

Let’s take a deep dive into the reasons to choose WordPress over AEM – here, we’ll give you some more context to inform your decision.

Open Source

Because WordPress is an open-source CMS, your business can take simple WordPress page templates and bring them to the next level. Using HTML and CSS, your development team can add the elements your web page or website needs to reach your goals.

If you’re lacking the expertise in house, consider outsourcing your WordPress development to Powered By Coffee for scaled and secured WordPress development for the enterprise.

From lead generation forms to integrated multimedia for a content marketing campaign, it’s all possible on WordPress. For companies using WordPress to implement valuable projects, the sky’s the limit.

WordPress is scalable

Content produced on this CMS platform can be as functional, or as all-singing and all-dancing as required. This means WordPress can scale alongside your business. 

Moreover, with managed WordPress hosting available, the system can handle the traffic levels you expect to push to it with your project. So, whether you’re starting off with an experimental microsite for a new business function or product, or are launching pages which need to have features you can’t currently build with AEM, WordPress is the answer.


If your project needs to be agile to achieve its aims, then WordPress is the CMS for you because it’s free – you won’t have the long consideration stage in your buying journey that’s usually associated with an expensive business purchase. This means, as soon as you’re convinced WordPress is the one for you, you can get started for free without bureaucracy slowing you down.

Of course, if your business already uses AEM, you’ll already be covering the cost of the platform. However, the community support aspect of using WordPress can be a huge advantage when trying to push your project through quickly. Additionally, the ability to modify WordPress is a compelling advantage over AEM.

WordPress Community 

The huge scale of WordPress means, whatever the nature of your next big project, someone out there has done it before on the WordPress platform, and they will be able to help you achieve success.

From a bug fix you’ve been scratching your head over to recommending a guide to help you use the system more efficiently, the community can and is usually more than willing to help. If the community is stumped, turn to the experts at Powered By Coffee.

This means WordPress is easy to use for non-developers. Why is this so valuable? Well, it makes the lives of content creators, editors and marketing professionals much more simple, because they can upload new content with ease. 


Choosing the right CMS will help your company implement your project and reach your business goals. At Powered By Coffee, as a specialist WordPress development agency, we’re naturally big believers in the capabilities of WordPress. 

We think after all the evidence we’ve laid out in this article, you’ll be more than ready to use WordPress to help your projects take off.

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