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How to find the best developer for your project

Part three of our ‘How to find the right developer for you’ series will help you find the best developer for you, whether you’re looking for an agency or a freelancer.

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Where can I find an agency or freelancer?

Now that you’ve decided what you need, the next step is to find a developer. But you want to make sure you’re looking in the right places and make sure you’ve seen some of their work before you commit to anything.

Where to find a development agency

Development agencies are easy to find, but it’s more about looking for the right things than where. Before you’ve typed “WordPress developer” into your Google search bar, make sure to think about what you need from your developer:

  • Skills: Do you need Enterprise or WooCommerce help? Maybe you’re looking for a third party plugin integration? Whatever you need, make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for
  • Location: Developers are everywhere. Depending on where you are based, what time zones you’re wanting to work in, and the deadline of your project, establishing a location would be beneficial.
  • CMS: As we’ve established, you need to have a clear idea on which CMS is best for you. Whilst you can ask a developer what they advise, they’ll likely tell you which one they prefer. Take the time to investigate for yourself and then search for a developer that specialises in it.

Where to find a freelance developer

You can find a freelance developer pretty much anywhere, but it’s best to approach with caution. Whilst freelancer sites are great, make sure to check out the freelancer’s portfolio and recommendations before you commit to anything. Like scanning for agencies, it’s important to know who you’re working with when it comes to freelancers. 

  • Reach out to your network: It’s likely that, within your network, someone will know of a great agency or freelancer to work with. Better yet, someone in your network might even be able to find you a developer that best suits your needs, saving you the hassle of having to do the search yourself.
  • CodePen Job Board or WPHired are developer job sites where you can post a job or find the freelancer you need, whether it’s a front-end, back-end or full stack developer. WPHired in particular is ideal if you’re looking for WordPress specialist developers.
  • Fiverr or Freelancer are classic directories full to the brim with freelancers with a whole host of backgrounds. There will likely be a variety of developers available on these sites, but make sure to check out their previous work and portfolio to make sure they’ve worked on similar projects.
  • LinkedIn or The Dots: Freelancers are, like many others, often looking for leads or new projects on social media. The best place to start is LinkedIn, for obvious reasons. However, if you’re looking for a developer with a proven track record or portfolio to back up their skillset claims, The Dots allows freelancers to showcase their skills in an easy to read, digestible format.

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