WordPress & Docker Concepts: Part 2

As we discussed in our last blog, Docker has a lot of concepts to understand. Before jumping into Docker, getting to know these concepts will help you understand its capabilities before you jump in. In part 2 of Docker Concepts (see part 1 here), we look at… Read More

WordPress & Docker: Docker Concepts Part 1

Before looking deeper into WordPress and Docker together we have to understand Docker and how it works. Understanding Docker in deeper detail means that we can really get to know it and appreciate what it’s doing behind the scenes. In Docker concepts part 1, we will look at… Read More

Why use Docker for WordPress and Web Projects?

Now you know what Docker is (and why everyone’s talking about it) you’re ready to read about docker use cases. In the third instalment of our Docker series, we delve into the variety of use cases that you may encounter, be currently tackling, or looking to explore. Matching Environments… Read More

What is Docker and why are people talking about it?

Docker is an increasingly popular containership option for WordPress. In our previous blog post, we introduced you to the container. But now that you know what it is, we’re digging deeper into what it is and why it’s proving to be so popular. What is Docker?… Read More

An Introduction to WordPress and Docker

If you work in software, IT, or DevOps, you’ll have heard of Docker. But you’d be forgiven for not being overly familiar with it. Docker has recently taken over the container ecosystem and is increasingly a core part of developer operations and IT management in larger companies. Read More

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