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Drupal 7 End of Life: What You Need to Know

Drupal 7 will be coming to the end of its life in 2022. Despite not being the most popular choice, it certainly has some heavyweight large enterprise fans. However, that hasn’t prevented the decision for Drupal to retire in just over a year’s time. For Drupal 7… Read More

How artificial intelligence can improve your WordPress site

It’s getting adopted at a rapid pace; self-driving cars, pedestrian crossings that fine jaywalkers almost immediately after their misdemeanour, and amazon packages delivered by drone. Artificial intelligence is intercepting our everyday lives. These are examples of AI that help streamline the operations of huge organisations and government… Read More

What is PHP and why is it important?

WordPress shouldn’t need much introduction, it is still the most widely used Content management system powering around 37% of all websites on the web. There are endless learning resources and experienced developers on the market, lots of global communities organising regular meetups and countless web agencies focused… Read More

How to scale up your website in 2021

Obviously seeing a huge amount of people visit your WordPress site is the aim of the game. But to coin a cliché, that dream can easily turn into a nightmare as your site is overwhelmed by the surge in traffic and potential customers are forever lost when… Read More

Getting Started with CraftCMS

In today’s tutorial from PoweredByCoffee, we’re going to get CraftCMS up & running. If you’re new to Craft and want to know why it’s so good – take a read at our little introduction here! Also, if you’re more comfortable installing with Composer, here’s a very… Read More

The wordpress admin bar and fixed headers

Working as a WordPress web developer in the top-tier building themes I’ve encountered the re-occurring client request for a fixed header. When you first hit the site you’ll want that top menu bar right at the top in clear view to aid site navigation, but when you scroll… Read More

WordCamp Bristol 2016 Review

The first ever WordCamp Bristol was held rather appropriately at the Watershed – ‘the leading film culture and digital media centre in the South West’, a vibrant media hub that also does pretty nice coffee. I’ve spent many hours as a freelancer sat in their cafe getting project work… Read More

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