WordPress Theme Development

WordPress Theme Development for Agencies, Teams, Small businesses and Designers.

You’ve designed your site and now need to move it from flat graphic to online interactive website.

Your theme is a key part of your WordPress site, it’s the glue that brings the whole thing together. It displays the content from the CMS, making the functionality from your plugins available to your users.

It is the presentational layer that makes or breaks the whole site. They often come with the specific functionality needed to make your site work. All those little extra fields and pieces of content that separate your site from being just another blog. This means they can have a massive effect on the usability and stability of your Admin Panel.

There are two types of WordPress Theme Development out there. Good Development and bad development.

Bad development is easy to spot.

You end up having a nightmare controlling your content, wrapping everything in shortcodes that makes your content impossible to understand for anyone except the developers who put it together. Or maybe you end up with hundreds of potential templates that are all just a little bit different.

Or you end up with a “page builder” that slows your site down so much that it becomes unusable and locks your content in so badly that when you redesign the site in a few years you basically have to rewrite it all.

What about good, maybe even great, theme development?

Good theme development starts in the admin panel. It starts with a clear understanding of the needs of the site, not just today and tomorrow but next year, the year after that and five years after that.

Good theme development focuses on keeping your content clear and free from presentation elements so that it can be re-skinned and used in the future with minimal changes.

Good theme development considers how much control your editors and marketers need to do their work effectively, giving them enough control to follow the design system but not enough to break it.

Good theme development breaks your theme up into little parts that can be reused again and again, without all the extra work it might take.

We’ve not even gotten to the front-end of your site yet!

Good theme development is performant and secure, delivering the content your users need quickly while keeping your data safe from attack. It follows the design system and enhances the brand. It supports the strategy and takes it forward.

It supports your marketing and growth.

WordPress Theme Developers.

Obviously, you want good development! It’s better for your brand, your marketing and your bottom line.

Our WordPress development team can build the theme of your marketer’s dreams.

The right amount of editability

Don’t let your team get slowed down with choices they don’t need to make. Our WordPress themes come with design systems baked in that make your marketing team more effective.

Fast Load Times

We don’t rely on Google Page Speed, it doesn’t tell the whole story about performance. Your website is going to speed down through the tubes faster than you could ever hope.


We build our sites to grow from a few hundred hits a month all the way to hundreds of thousands just when you need it.


Our security policies and development workflows keep your user data safe and secure.

Flexible Templating

We don’t do fixed templates for fixed pages, all our projects come with bespoke page builders that give layout control back to you while keeping your data and your layout separate and portable.

Can we help you build your next Custom WordPress Theme?

Our WordPress Development team can craft custom themes from your designs, quickly and reliably. Tell us about your project..

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