WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress plugins, themes, integrations and full sites built just for you.

WordPress is a bit of a powerhouse CMS on its own but it really shines when you start to extend it with plugins from the community.

This is arguably the single most important thing about WordPress, its 3rd party development community. With over 50,000 plugins currently available it’s likely that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

With so many plugins it’s easy to assume that everything you’ll ever need can be found and will be easy to use, but unfortunately, that’s just not the case.

Sometimes plugins are old and busted, they’ve not been updated so won’t support the latest version of WordPress or maybe they conflict with another plugin you already rely on? Maybe the plugin you need is almost perfect but just not right.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

When you can’t find what you need then it’s time to think about taking matters into your own hands and get it made.

Maybe you need extra functionality on your site to engage with your audience in a particular way? Maybe you want to improve publishing workflow and invest in custom tools to increase efficiency? Maybe you run an eCommerce store and want to spend less time sorting orders and have your site integrate with your fulfilment providers directly?
Maybe you have a service you want to open up to the millions of sites that run WordPress?

WordPress plugins that do the work for you.

Powered by Coffee is a specialist WordPress agency, we can plan, design, build and maintain a WordPress plugin that helps you reach your specific goals. From engagement to speed, efficiency to analytics, we can make your plugin a success.

Fanatically Secured

The security of your site is paramount. Our development team’s years of experience helps keep your data safe and secure.

Exquisitely Tailored

Our process gets to the very core of what you need. With no bloat or rough edges, our WordPress plugin’s will solve your problems.

Endlessly Maintained

Our automated testing setup and code testers ensure your plugin never stops working.

Tell Us About Your WordPress Project

From blogs to applications we can build and deploy WordPress sites and plugins that help you reach your goals.

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