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Using WordPress content management to power the marketing site of one of Europe's leading management consultancies and a community engagement portal for their worldwide network of partners.

Client Celemi


To help Celemi communicate with prospective clients of their own and for their partners. Also, to help their partners understand how effective Celemi's training and consulting products are at improving the businesses they work with. The overall aim was to increase the number of conversions and traffic that the Celemi website received every day.


Powered By Coffee designed and built a new WordPress website for Celemi. It was focused on surfacing their products to the top of their website hierarchy and connecting more of their content to the products with the use of selectable 'related posts' and other supporting content.

Our experience from working with Powered By Coffee is very positive; the team keeps to time and budget and gives us rapid answers when we need them. Powered By Coffee are accessible and easy to work with. We feel that we always can trust them to do their best to solve our issues and answer to our requests. We warmly recommend Powered By Coffee.

Christina Geijer, Marketing Manager, Celemi International AB, Sweden

Celemi is a business consulting firm based in Malmö, near Copenhagen in Sweden. Celemi provides business simulations and experimental learning games. They operate under a partner scheme where Celemi designs the games and simulations in-house while they have a network of partners and operators around the world who guide their clients through the process with the use of training and material provided by Celemi. Celemi has operations across three continents and has been providing experimental learning since 1985.

Modernising a website to bring new clients

Celemi has always been forward thinking. They have had an online presence from as early as 1998 when celemi.com first appeared online. The previous version of their site had been around since 2009 without any major change or updates, and running on an expensive, proprietary content management system that made it difficult to update. The site was filled with out-of-date content, looked old fashioned, and didn’t work at all on mobile phones or other small screen devices. In short, the Celemi site was being left behind by technology and it was costing them new customers and partners.

Celemi needed to revitalise their online presence for the demands of a modern internet and consumers in order to better serve them, and generate new sales; to better answer the questions of their prospective clients and partners; and to provide information in the best way possible, regardless of what device people were using to access their site. Celemi is process driven so any new site would also have to be integrated with their existing sales and marketing systems.

Making the web work

Powered By Coffee was approached about working with Celemi’s existing brand provider in order to help design and execute a new website for Celemi.

New Content Management System

We transitioned Celemi from using Episerve to manage their content, to WordPress, an open source content management system that powers 20% of all the sites on the internet, including some of the biggest, highest-traffic sites around. The WordPress we created for Celemi is simple and flexible with models for every different content type they need. It allows for cross-posting and linking of related content, everything is accessible from menus and can exist either within a page or on its own. This has made it significantly easier for the marketing team at Celemi to update its existing content and to add new content as it is produced; thereby keeping the site’s information up to date.

Flexible Marketing Site

Our WordPress isn’t set up like most other WordPress installations. Rather than a few restrictive content types and selectable page templates, we created a flexible page builder template and a selection of components for Celemi to use so that they can dynamically build pages that link other pages in their content tree, and include media assets on pages easily without having to fight with the WYSIWYG editor.

Mobile Accessibility

The old Celemi site was a distinctly ‘mobile only’ affair with a rigid, fixed width. We created the new site as a breezy, responsive site that was built for smartphones and other small-screen devices. It then folds out and up for bigger screen sizes until we have a desktop layout. Celemi can now meet and deliver content to the partners and customers regardless of what device they are using.

New Visual Design and Reusable Theme

We implemented the new Celemi brand guidelines and style guide as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We went so far as to create a generic WordPress theme for Celemi that can be reused across multiple sites and properties and provided a component library that can be reused by Celemi in other projects. The new design focuses more clearly on the work Celemi does and who they do it for. The guiding question is always “Why?”. Why would someone want this? Why does Celemi do this? Why is someone hiring Celemi?

Integrated External Systems

The site features a large collection of forms and other interactive elements. These are all connected to Celemi’s underlying sales, analytics and customer relationship management systems for smarter data. This leads to better decisions about further improving the site and which marketing channels are working for them.

Partners’ Microsite

We designed and developed a member-only sub-site for Celemi to communicate with and distribute material to its partners. Not every partner is trained to do every simulation and the site reflects this. Partners belong to groups and can only access the material related to them and the simulations they are qualified to run.

Campaign Landing Pages

Alongside the primary site, we put together a series of landing-page templates for Celemi to use with their digital advertising in order to optimise their sign-ups and email lost subscriptions. These landing pages can be paired with ebooks and white papers as a thank you to visitors for subscribing to their mailing lists.

Email Marketing

We provided strategy and execution on setting up email marketing campaigns for Celemi where potential customers sign up to a mailing list in exchange for a download of value to them. These users then receive the Celemi newsletter and content thereby building trust for Celemi and their work, week by week.

Services Provided

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