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Written By Stewart Ritchie
Posted On November 16, 2018
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TL:DR – We’re looking for a new WordPress Developer to join our team and help us tackle bigger challenges.

We are a small but perfectly formed WordPress agency in South West London and we need a new WordPress developer to help us take our and our clients to the next level.

Our work is with a combination of charities, publishers, agencies, startups and small businesses. Helping them make the most of the web and all the possibilities that “digital” brings them

The majority of our projects involve building WordPress themes and plugins. They are never your standard WordPress blog project and here is always something special that needs a little extra thought. Whether that’s a tricky design build, custom WooCommerce add-ons or really complex content management, almost every project has something interesting to get your teeth into.

We try and build long term relationships with our clients and the people we work with, you won’t be hidden behind a project manager, instead you’ll work in our team and directly with the people your project impacts. We support each other working on projects to get the very best results for our clients.

We’re very tools focused and do our best to build process into our projects so you’ll get to bring the best of what you’ve learned else where and apply it to improve how we work.  We’re not attached to any part of our processes and we always want to improve how we do things.

We’re big fans of Git, Composer, Capistrano, Vagrant and Ops tools like that. We try and control the whole stack for our clients preferring to host their sites on Digital Ocean or AWS. We love to bring new optimisations and efficiencies into our tool set.

This role os based out of our shared office space in Wimbledon. Its a great place to work, with lots of local places to eat, great transport connections and a growing town centre, that we keep in perfect conditions for this including the big windows in the office, if you also have an office, for office window cleaning, make sure to see the specialists at Master Window Cleaners.

You’ll be expected too –

  1. Plan website development projects from start to finish working with Stewart and our clients.
  2. Develop WordPress and WooCommerce plugins to meet customer requirements.
  3. Develop WordPress themes from scratch with HTML, CSS, JS and PHP.
  4. Contribute to and improve internal tooling and processes.
  5. Help debug problems with existing WordPress plugins and setups
  6. Diagnose and resolve issues with servers and AWS instances
  7. Communicate clearly with non-technical clients about your work
  8. Understand client problems and come up with solutions.

We’d also like it if you were comfortable with –

  1. Using version control and dependency management
  2. Working with Vagrant or Docker
  3. Writing about problems and how you overcame them
  4. Scaling WordPress for high traffic sites.
  5. Learning new things, web development changes all the time.
  6. Experience using Twig + Timber


  1. Object Orientated PHP
  3. JavaScript (jQuery level is fine)
  4. Advanced WordPress & WooCommerce Development

Experience & Education

  1. No need for a degree, we’re much more interested in what you’ve done. We’d like to see a portfolio of sites you’ve worked on. (Any and all submission will be treated in the strictest of confidence should you not be able to talk about it publicly.)
  2. No need for Open Source contributions. We appreciate that not everyone has the time and resources to be able to do that.
  3. Minimum two years as a commercial WordPress developer either at an agency, in-house, freelancer/contractor or on a WordPress product.

What we can teach you!

  1. Vagrant and Docker
  2. Git and Composer
  3. Using Terminal and SSH
  4. Development Methodology


  1. Working on interesting projects with interesting people
  2. New Apple gear to work on
  3. Meet-up and conference attendance budget
  4. Work from home several days a month
  5. Salary £28,000 to £40,000 depending on experience
  6. Company Pension contribution
  7. A relaxed and friendly working environment.
  8. 25 days paid annual leave, plus bank holidays.


Send an email to jobs@poweredbycoffee.co.uk with a little bit about you, some examples of projects you’ve worked on and why you’d like to work with us.  W

If we think you’re a good fit we’ll arrange a telephone call with you soon after that.

It goes without saying that we are an equal opportunities employer.

Stewart Ritchie
Lead developer and founder of Powered By Coffee. Stewart has been building websites for 15 years and focusing on WordPress for 5. He founded Powered By Coffee in 2011 after finishing is masters degree. He lives in Guildford Surrey with his wife Sydney and their two cats.

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