Are you a full stack developer with 2-3 years of experience looking to join a dynamic, growing team?We’re Powered by Coffee, a London-based but fully remote WordPress VIP development agency, and we’d love to hear from you. Who we are We are a boutique UK… Read More


Brand new look, same great team As you can see, we’ve had a makeover. Whilst this proverbial lick of paint is definitely something worth blogging about, we’re taking the opportunity to talk about the future of Powered by Coffee too. Powered by Coffee came to be 10 years… Read More

WordPress & Docker: Docker Concepts Part 1

Before looking deeper into WordPress and Docker together we have to understand Docker and how it works. Understanding Docker in deeper detail means that we can really get to know it and appreciate what it’s doing behind the scenes. In Docker concepts part 1, we will look at… Read More

What is Docker and why are people talking about it?

Docker is an increasingly popular containership option for WordPress. In our previous blog post, we introduced you to the container. But now that you know what it is, we’re digging deeper into what it is and why it’s proving to be so popular. What is Docker?… Read More

An Introduction to WordPress and Docker

If you work in software, IT, or DevOps, you’ll have heard of Docker. But you’d be forgiven for not being overly familiar with it. Docker has recently taken over the container ecosystem and is increasingly a core part of developer operations and IT management in larger companies. Read More

How and why we’ll be donating to charity in 2021/22

I’ve always been passionate about giving back to the community. Whether it’s the WordPress community, our local community in Wimbledon, or communities in need, giving back is an important part of what Powered by Coffee does.  Until now, any giving we did or support we gave… Read More

Drupal 7 End of Life: What You Need to Know

Drupal 7 will be coming to the end of its life in 2022. Despite not being the most popular choice, it certainly has some heavyweight large enterprise fans. However, that hasn’t prevented the decision for Drupal to retire in just over a year’s time. For Drupal 7… Read More

What to consider before approaching a developer

Part two of our ‘How to find the right developer for you’ outlines the points you’ll need to consider before approaching a development agency or freelancer. Not sure who to approach? Check out the first in our series, Agency vs. Freelancer:… Read More

Powered by Coffee announced as WordPress VIP Partners

2021 is set to be a big year for us at Powered by Coffee as we’re extremely excited to announce that we are WordPress VIP Silver Partners! Being a WordPress VIP Partner means we’re now recommended by WordPress themselves, making us one of the world’s… Read More

Why publishers need a paywall now more than ever

As we plummet into the third lockdown in less than 12 months, readers continue to turn to digital media publications. With printed media’s immediate future looking unsustainably bleak, and ads failing to yield previous levels of income thanks to privacy and data concerns, it’s time to look… Read More

WordPress & FusionAuth: How to and why your business needs it

We recently had a virtual chat over coffee with our friends at FusionAuth to talk about their innovative secure access management tool and how it integrates with WordPress. What is FusionAuth? FusionAuth is a secure access management system. It helps businesses manage users, authentication and… Read More

Considerations when Scaling your Digital Media Brand

Your media publishing brand is scaling rapidly. This means a number of things; you’ll be seeing more visitors flocking to your website and, as a result your content production, will need to scale. Additionally, the increasing numbers of visitors to your site gives you an opportunity for… Read More

WordPress 5.6: What businesses need to know

In what has been a rather surreal year for everyone across the globe. It’s safe to say our attention has been pre-occupied. However, whilst we were all setting up our home-based makeshift offices, WordPress has been quietly carrying on uninterrupted. Following the highly anticipated, yet disruptive, PHP… Read More

How your CMS can support the smooth integration of AdTech

Advertising revenue is central to many publishers’ revenue revenue-generating models. Your Content Management System provides a key integration with your ad server and can be a key limiter or enabler of the advertising you can sell to your sponsors. Methods for advertising focused publishers to generate revenue… Read More

How We Took This Publisher’s Website to the Next Level

We were approached by Prospect Magazine to rebuild their unreliable paywall and metering system. We also worked on a retainer basis to improve their website periodically and support the editorial team with our technical expertise. We chose to work with Prospect because they had interesting problems… Read More

How to Create Successful Membership Websites

Membership websites grow in popularity every year, it seems. This common website monetisation approach has worked successfully for everyone from personal trainers and nutritionists to multimedia news publishing conglomerates like The Times Online.  Membership websites are a fantastic way for a successful blogger to monetise their… Read More

Can WordPress support the security of a scaling website?

In this article, we answer the question: ‘Can WordPress support the security of a scaling website?’. Reveal the answer. Lots of businesses are now also getting help from a quality GDPR consultancy as this ensures that everything is perfect so a great move for most… Read More

Can Serverless hosting benefit a scaling brand?

What is serverless hosting?  Serverless hosting is a relatively new form of web hosting where a cloud services provider runs a company’s server(s) and manages bandwidth resources on behalf of developers.  The top managed wordpress hosting it’s effectively a pay-as-you-go service, unlike the always-on financial… Read More

What Does Digital News Syndication Mean for your Publishing Brand?

Content syndication has been a common marketing tactic since the dawn of the internet. Smart marketers are aware that, by implementing content syndication, their brand will reach new audiences, thanks to the nature of digital publishing becoming increasingly automated.  The direct benefits of content syndication… Read More

Engage Gen Z with your CMS

You’ve heard of Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials (Gen Y), but have you heard of Gen Z? This new generation is quickly coming to the fore; by 2020, Gen Z will have overtaken the much-sought-after Millennials to become the largest and most influential group of… Read More

Why should you care about identity management, anyway?

It’s admittedly a tricky area to prioritise as a business grows, and its perceived relevance to daily operations really varies: however, getting it right at the right time has a myriad of benefits in the long term, not least of which is the reassurance that personal data is being managed securely and appropriately. Read More

WordPress & Docker Concepts: Part 2

As we discussed in our last blog, Docker has a lot of concepts to understand. Before jumping into Docker, getting to know these concepts will help you understand its capabilities before you jump in. In part 2 of Docker Concepts (see part 1 here), we look at networking,… Read More

Docker Use Cases

Now you know what Docker is (and why everyone’s talking about it) you’re ready to read about docker use cases. In the third instalment of our Docker series, we delve into the variety of use cases that you may encounter, be currently tackling, or looking to explore. Matching Environments… Read More

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