Our Values

What we believe separates us from the other. We want to make it clear who we are, what we stand for and what you can expect of us.

We Believe That People Come First

We believe in Work Life balance, that people should do as little over time as possible. That work should fit around the rest of their lives. That people can work where it suits them and when it suits the, That we trust our team and we focus on their results and output - not the time they spend. We believe that projects should be interesting and as non-repetitive as possible. The effort is rewarded and we celebrate easily.

We Believe In Having Fun

We believe that work should be fun. That we can take a different approach to solve a project in the most fun way possible. The we can be silly together as a team, that its okay you send your boss at cat gif. That people should meet and be sociable with each other. We work for one third of our day, lets enjoy it as much as we can.

Rescuing a development project gone wrong

We Believe That We Should Leave The World A Better Place

Don't work with exploiters, Don't work with people who take. Advantage of poor people, Give to charity and help educate the next generation, Support those in need

We believe that we have a responsibility to leave the work a better place than we found it. That we will not work with those that seek to exploit others for their own gain. That we will not work with those that destroy people health and cause disease. That the Earth is a finite shared resource. That we will give to charity. Help educate the next generation and support those in need where we can.

We Believe in Being Environmentally Friendly

We believe in the Earth as a a shared resource and a finite one at that. We will endeavor to have as little impact on the plant as possible and where we do have an impact we will attempt to more than offset it. We believe in traveling little, recycling a lot, and carbon offsetting more than we use in energy and fuel.

We Believe in Giving Back to the Open Source Community

We Believe that Powered By Coffee is built on Open Source technology and platforms. That we have a responsibility to help maintain the software that we use and the community that enables us. We will attend events, speak where possible, release information on techniques, produce tools and plugins for the community to use.

We Believe in Inclusivity

We believe that all people are equal and we will not be involved in any project that is racist, sexist, sectarian, ageist or cause discrimination and hate to continue in the world. We will actively seek to hire and work with those underrepresented in the design and technology industries.

We Believe in Doing the right thing for our clients

We believe that we should always do the right thing for our clients over and above what is best for our button line. We will not sell a solution that is profitable for us but wrong for the client. We will focus on really helping the clients business and looking at numbers as our metrics rather than straight up aesthetics. We will only work with clients we can really help, not those we "think" we can, nor will we ever take on a project that may bankrupt a client.